I am offering a like-new RazoRock Baby Smooth DE razor. I have shaved with it about a dozen times and it looks like new. It provides a great shave but I simply have too many razors. Price new is $39.95 plus $6.95 postage to California, so a total of $46.90. I will sell it for $25 shipped to any US address in a priority mail box and wrapped in bubble wrap. Please see following photos, and thanks for viewing this.
[Image: 8eMQpzP.jpg][Image: rlzDo24.jpg]

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Sorry I'm not a good photographer. The picture looks as if the finish is bronze colored. It's actually a glossy black. The light coming in the window is the culprit. Also the pic looks like there is some lint on the bottom side of the cap. Wonder how that happened?

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