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This will be my final price reduction for this razor. I am looking to sell my Timeless Titanium Razor, .95 blade gap, nearly brand new, as the razor has only been used a few times.

I am reducing the sale price to $170 shipped (I bought the razor brand new for $225). If there’s no interest at the reduced price of $170, I will remain content to keep the razor in my shave den! Please see the attached photos to confirm the razors excellent condition. I also have all of the original packaging that the razor arrived with. 

Please send me a message if you’re interested. I accept PayPal only and offer free shipping to those in the US (if you’re outside of the US, I will ask that you pitch in on shipping costs which we can discuss). 

Thank you, 
Justin (Carryonsteadynow)

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Price reduced to $175

Texas USA
I recently bought this same razor. It shaves as well as everyone says.

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This is a WONDERFUL razor at a great price. Good luck with the sale.
Happy shaves

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GLWTS, Great razor... for me, it produces great results every time!

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Good razor at a great price point

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Hey thanks guys for the positive comments, much appreciated. Timeless is one of the best razor makers/companies around!
Hey guys, this is still available if anyone is interested. I can’t go any lower on the price but I figured I’d give it another try to see if anyone is interested. Thanks guys,
Still available at $170 if anyone is interested

Nashville, TN
Carryonsteadynow I reached out to you about this razor.  I've had some trouble with private messaging and posting here to make sure you got it.

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