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I've had this for some time but it just wasn't for me and before now I never had a medium in order to sell that I was comfortable with.  Now I do! Smile

It's been well over a year since it was last used, I can't remember but probably no more than a dozen shaves with it in total.  I'm looking for $120 $90CAD including shipping to Canada, but feel free to haggle in PM if you feel that's too much.  PayPal for payment please.  I'll consider trades as well for lightly(no more than twice used) soaps and possibly other razors, PM offers please Smile  CONUS buyers, if there is interest from them, will be considered after a few days have gone if there is no buyer.  Please feel free to ask for more pics in thread if you want.  CONUS buyers welcome, I'll ship anywhere Smile

I want to keep these together as a bundle, here's what I have:
Feather Professional Artist Club SS - Black Handle
2 unopened packs of 15 Feather Proguard blades.
1 opened Proguard injector, sorry, I don't know how many blades are left in this one, there might only be 2?
1 opened Feather Professional blades, again, I don't remember how many are left, more than 5 I think lol  They come in a pack of 20
BONUS!(if you want it) A sample of Mickey Lee Soapworks "Drunken Goat".  I got this from Men's Essentials a long while back but now I have a full tub of it.  Never has a brush touched the soap, I used a small wooden stick to remove the soap that I needed.

[Image: nDdxYzq.jpg]
[Image: VlVB3Cy.jpg]
[Image: Px6g5sY.jpg]

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If you can shave with one of these you can shave with anything. This razor was the hardest for me to get the hang of, but helped me learn the importance of technique. Will offer quick feedback if you make a mistake. Once you have it down this beauty will offer many great shaves with out the hassle of honing and stropping to keep a sharp edge. If you have never tried one nows a good chance to get one at a good price.

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Dropped the price to an even $100, shipping to anywhere, just really don't like it sitting here unused and collecting dust.
Good price there was a guy in Reddit looking for one I sent him the link here

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(01-15-2016, 11:10 PM)Wrathen Wrote: Good price there was a guy in Reddit looking for one I sent him the link here

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Cool, thanks Smile

Final price drop to $90, PayPal as always, the price includes shipping, still interested in trades for vintage razors as well + cash or whatever kind of deal we can come up with Smile

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