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I received this Feather AC DX Model No. ACD-R in a trade sometime ago.  I have not used it and it seems to be in perfect condition.  I can take and send some more pics if you like.  I found it online for apx $210 here.  Will sell it for $99 $95 shipped CONUS.  I am open to limited trades for niche fragrances or a blackbird razor...let me know which fragrance and razor you have.

Edit: will also consider iPad or Android tablet.

I also have a lot of vintage razors.  2 are schick injectors and the other 3 are Gems.  My guess is that I spent over $75 for these.  I will sell them for $44 shipped CONUS.


[Image: nQUwDEQ.jpg]
lowered price on the feather
Updated trade option.
Lots of nibbles, but no one has pulled the trigger. I'll keep this up for a few more days and then withdraw...

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