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Fatip Testina Gentile -- $25
  • Used once, new condition

Leaf Twig & Stand -- $45
  • Only used a few times, like new condition
  • Gorgeous prism color
  • With blades, including most of a box of Derby Premium, and box

Schick pre/Krona -- $10
  • Vintage Schick in good condition
  • Mechanically works perfectly and shaves well
  • Missing one endcap, as shown

Includes CONUS shipping, contact me for shipping elsewhere

[Image: hP7K2rJ.jpeg]

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[Image: k94nS87.jpeg]
[Image: JfWR1HN.jpeg]
[Image: jX9MhMz.jpeg]
[Image: IgH9NjS.jpeg]

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Leaf Twig & Stand sold, thanks!

Fatip and Schick still available
Schick sold, thanks!

Fatip Gentile still available

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