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This is a very unique brush to say the least.  The knot is a 26mm 3 band Silvertip. Loft 55 mm, handle 64mm. Handmade in Italy.  The handle is a beautiful horn with metal accents. The bottom ring will screw off. These were a very limited run and not currently available in badger with Extro Cosmesi. 

This has only been test lathered once.  Presents as new.  Comes with Original metal packaging tube. 

Asking 165.00 USD shipped CANADA/USA  NOW 150 USD

[Image: qfCNbSz.jpeg]
[Image: XPsYBo8.jpeg]
[Image: M1p3Fge.jpeg]

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"veni, vidi, vici"

Beautiful brush!

Good luck with the sell my friend!

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What kind of metal?

Emperor of Shaving
Stainless steel
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Emperor of Shaving
Bump. Price drop
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