Up for sale is the superb Razorock Stealth Slant Aluminum Safety Razor in Mint Condition. This is the Kyara version which I believe is v.2 and is no longer and will no longer be made by Razorock. Please note that this is a Prototype and there will be various imperfections on the finish but it does not affect functionality. I am including the stand as well as a five pack of razor blades. I am selling it for what I paid and I am also including domestic shipping (U.S. ONLY). Price is $155.00 Shipped and I accept only PayPal for payment. PM me if interested and just send a reply if you have a question. Good Luck & Enjoy![Image: Fk8pBQP.jpg][Image: TsrOewn.jpg][Image: gUnT2rU.jpg][Image: Ecs9Yin.jpg]
Nice !

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