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Looking to sell the following items:

Joe Edson Asymmetrical Grind Kami, 7/8, $250 - Blue 2 steel with a san mai construction with the maple (I think?) sheath, also made by Joe.  Very nimble and sharp shaver, I bought it two years ago directly, but switched over to DEs in 2020 after my daughter was born and started trying to get into all of my shaving gear.  I have not used it since very early 2020, but honed it with two layers of tape on a coticule.  The steel is extremely hard, and so be aware that it will be slow going on some naturals.  I paid $300 for this at the time, but it looks like Joe's current prices are significantly higher.  Album with pics.

SOLD - Wolfman 1.55 WR2 with stand and WRH2 handle, basic polish, $450 - I tried to get along with this razor, and I generally love lots of blade feel and aggression, but this one does not like my skin.  I have had better results with very sharp blades like Permasharp, but get better results from other DEs.  I purchased this last summer, looked to trade it for a milder blade gap, but have ultimately decided to send it along to a new home.  Album with pics.

SOLD - Timeless Bronze .38, $75 - I traded for this one a while back and like it well enough with a sharp blade as it has decent blade feel but a low gap (sort of like a NEW SC).  It got some use from both the prior owner and me, and has some patina areas around the nooks and crannies on the razor head.  This one was displaced from my use by Tatara, sadly.  Comes with a Timeless Box.  Album with pics.

H&S N075, $160 - I bought this new two years ago and tried it out on and off, but it had a similar effect on my skin to the WR2 above.  It is supposedly "neutral blade exposure," but I found that all the blades I tried gave it a decent amount of exposure, so I'm not sure where the disconnect is.  It is, nonetheless, fairly mild feeling while having a healthy dose of efficiency.  This was prior to Aji having the cases with his razors, so one will not be included.  Album with pics.


[Image: gSgFv3t.jpeg]
[Image: guitFGM.jpeg]

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