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Reorganizing the sale and cutting prices to clear space. Everything includes shipping cost and ships priority mail. G&S fee included
15MM Maggard stand goes to first request
Lots of blades will be thrown into each order. On the magnitude of 50. Quality stuff too like kai, nacet, feather, ect.

Software lot- everything shown, including the cologne.

AdP Fico Di Amalfi 2.5 oz. sprayed once
NO Neon sun Set minus 2 scoops
WK Dance of Agrumes Set minus 1 scoop
NO Barbarr Set about 75% ? I dont remember. Mostly scooped and I lathered on the last shave for some reason. AS is to top of label.
AE St barts minus one scoop
AE chasing the dragon Set minus 3 scoops 
RR XXX 95%

RR tuscan oud 95%
The club vanille vendetta 95%
$85   or 60 for software, 30 for AdP both sold

Timeless titanium polished .95 dual comb (SB/OC) with crown handle and polished stand- like new condition. will be packed into a carbon razor box.
retails $380 yours for $275

Blutt BR-1 1.20 gap razor like new condition in original box(nothing fancy its just cardboard with "blutt" on it)- currently withdrawn as it is out of stock and I need to assess the inventory before I regret selling it. It is a phenomenal razor and only considering selling because I find it similar to my carbon ++ gap (both high gap, low blade exposure razors delivering incredible shaves) 

Ever ready streamline- I dont know how to describe vintage razor condition. This was my first and only. Nothing is bent. No deep scratches that would catch a fingernail. Mechanisms work perfect. Blade clamps tight and alights perfectly. some micro scratches throughout and plate loss under the base plate only. Note the light I took this under really shows imperfections way more than you will see normally. No packaging. Will throw in 5 new Personna PTFE-coated gem blades 
$100 OBO sold

Carbon Brush Synthetic with 316L handle serial#3- used once.  SOLD
Retails $140- $75

[Image: 2le3Q6M.jpg]
[Image: L72Hsbo.jpg]
[Image: z2Y3rsy.jpg]
[Image: WvOifJf.jpg]
[Image: YHK47w0.jpg]
[Image: sXgKSpN.jpg]
[Image: sRpfV63.jpg]
[Image: GLudevA.jpg]
[Image: PgwYJyX.jpg]
[Image: YG48clH.jpg]
[Image: JoTaPTc.jpg]

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How much is the Blutt Rasur

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Blutt is withdrawn for the time being mr rawfox

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Carbon is sold

Gatineau, QC, Canada
(10-13-2021, 10:10 PM)cornbread Wrote: Blutt is withdrawn for the time being mr rawfox

Blutt Fantastic Razor and Built Next to None..I highly recommend it to anyone…

Alan H

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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

  - Albert Einstein
Ill take $60 for the software sets, an $30 for the AdP. Shipping today priority

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All sold except the timeless. Last drop to $250

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Should you change your mind about the Blutt, please consider me.

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