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Making room in the den. CONUS only please. 

Wholly Kaw "Club Yanka" set, soap is in siero base. Estimate there is 90% left. Looking for $20 shipped. 

Caties Bubbles/Lancaster Razor Works "Tactical Support". Scooped once and the splash was only opened to smell. $25 shipped.

ATT Windsor Pro - used a handful of times. In good condition. Made in China model, so some of the tolerances aren't as tight as normal CNC razors, but everything tightens up and aligns nicely still. $50 shipped

Aylsworth Drakkant original plate - $40 shipped

GEM lot - Two Gem Jr's and one shovelhead. One of the Jr's had the tab fall off so it does not function. Maybe it can be fixed or used for parts. The other two razors work as expected. Ill include a few GEM blades. $20 shipped

[Image: QM858Nj.jpg]
[Image: pkUvl4W.jpg]
[Image: osbM1s6.jpg]
[Image: 3M1y7BR.jpg]
[Image: gTBR9F4.jpg]
[Image: 1kPEjcG.jpg]
[Image: 260gCVW.jpg]
[Image: q3gaLv0.jpg]

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I'll take the Windsor Pro if it's still available
Bump. Open to offers. I'll cut a deal on the rest of the lot also if anyone is interested.

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