Hey guys,

I am having a small clear out of my den to help fund other purchases. You guys get first dibs before I have to result to putting them on eBay so please snap them up.

All prices are for shipping within the EU but I will ship worldwide for a slight adjustment in price.

Any questions or offers please PM me Smile

Up for offer:

Kropp 5/8 Straight Razor £40

I brought this as just a blade and had it restored along with the new scales. It was honed at the time but has been used since. It is in very good shape for a vintage razor.

Wolf Whiskers Custom Plisson £40

A Random custom brush that I had made on a whim. Lovely brush with a Plisson knot but I prefer the handle on some on my other brushes.

Soap Commander Gusto £5

Great bright shaving soap in the 6oz tub. Used quite a few times but there is tons left at least 90%. It's a great soap and one of may favourite scents but I have so many soaps and new ones coming to try it needs a better home Wink

[Image: 10rQuE3.jpg]
[Image: 43H8pkD.jpg]
[Image: 8Gu085n.jpg]
[Image: Gho7O3J.jpg]
[Image: FLi7HmQ.jpg]
[Image: Eit1czx.jpg]
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Brush is a beauty. GLWS!

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