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I have some razors, a brush, soaps, and an aftershave that just don't get used.  So I have decided to clear some things out.  Paypal only.  CONUS only. $3 shipping for one item, $5 after that.

1. Ikon Shavecraft 101 razor with travel handle $25 SOLD
2. Merkur HD 34C $25 SOLD
3. Fatip Grande Open Comb-Black Metal Finish $15 SOLD
4. Standard Razor Raw $50
5. Tiki Bar Soaps Vegan Pumpkin Lager (New) $10
6. Catie's Bubbles Un Jour Gris (Test lathered once) $10 SOLD
7. Cold River Soapworks American Barbershop (Test lathered twice) This is the big 6 oz tin $15 SOLD
8. Myrsol Emulsion Aftershave balm (used 4-5 times) (95% left) $20 Now available again
9. Whipped Dog 30 mm Silvertip Badger in Butterscotch (drilled for 65 mm loft) (used a handful of times, just prefer smaller knots) still sheds a bit letting this one go cheap $10 SOLD

[Image: oKunIGu.jpg][Image: V0TIqfM.jpg][Image: a8LYwUl.jpg][Image: NTX1yyc.jpg][Image: Zx9X10p.jpg]
I'll take you up on the Catie's!

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Will you ship to Australia ?
(08-24-2015, 03:35 AM)Ian Wrote: Will you ship to Australia ?

What are you interested in?

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