Same as previous post. Need to clear out before I move. Now for the razors...

Merkur 37 HD Slant Short Handle - $40
[Image: mKYe5VO.jpg]
[Image: O46Cz0m.jpg]

Merkur 25C Long Handled Open Comb - $20

[Image: mvgqKK6.jpg][Image: uEiUa7I.jpg]

Merkur 38C Barber Pole - $25

[Image: KFxWvMo.jpg]
[Image: BqB8yDs.jpg]
[Image: Wip3z8J.jpg]

Strop Shoppe Baker Street Soap - $10
4oz tub. Never used. Love the scent, just never made it into my rotation. This company is out of business, but this scent was always one of their favourites.
[Image: 2wzDgXd.jpg]

DiaSharp Coarse Lapping Plate - $40
A solid, flat steel lapping plate. Best paired with the below Naniwas.
[Image: qIFvWjL.jpg]

Naniwa Chosera 1000 & Naniwa Superstones 5000, 8000, & 12000 - $200 for the whole set or best offer for each one

[Image: qMXxVEx.jpg]
[Image: KtMSMxX.jpg]
[Image: JOCqwfa.jpg][Image: AFqgt4P.jpg]
[Image: PMfbMDj.jpg][Image: rtqTKd8.jpg][Image: s0A391h.jpg][Image: Q4W3P9v.jpg]

WB Hillard & Sons 5/8" rounded point straight razor - $50
A great introduction to straight razors. Short blade, full hollow ground, rounded point. Found in a vintage shop with updated scales (I think they're cherrywood). Honed. [Image: xFQgsbb.jpg]
[Image: 11gg4Qi.jpg][Image: 8nwDsmc.jpg]

All prices in CAD, meaning anyone American gets a 20% discount. Shipping price will depend on where you are. If you're interested I'll let you know shipping rates, just DM me.

PM sent
Would like to purchase the Baker Street soap if still available.

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How worn is the DMT?

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