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Hello looking to offload some stuff from my den. Shipping CONUS and International (if you pay difference in shipping and depending on the item)

Haircut & Shave Co. N075 Mixed Metal - Titanium Coated SS Top cap and handle, aluminum baseplate. Excellent Condition and lightly used. Looking for $210 shipped

Merkur 37c - $31 shipped

Fine Marvel - has dings on top cap - $19 shipped

Gillette Tech Ball End (gold) - $14 shipped

Gillette Tech Ball End - $14 shipped

WSP or THB(?)Fat Matte Black Razor - Not sure who made this but it appears to be a de89 clone on a thicc and heavy handle. - $26 shipped

Gem Lot - Clog Pruf, G Bar & Junior Art Deco. Comes with 25 Gem Stainless Blades & 7 PTFE Blades. - $40 shipped

Dogwood Hybrid with Frank Shaving Pur Tech 26mm - has a couple small scuffs on the wood, otherwise excellent condition. The Pur Tech knot uses muhle stf fibers which is a luxury synthetic. Set in silicone so it can be easily removed. $72 shipped for just the handle or $86 shipped with the knot.

Wild West Brushworks Amethyst Frank Shaving G4 24mm - Beautiful handle and great knot. Large knot for a 24mm and the handle can fit a 26mm as well. Set in silicone so can be easily removed. - $57 shipped

Stirling 2 Band Badger 26mm - $32 shipped

PAA The Atomic Rocket Synthetic Brush - $13 shipped

Pics: ht tp://imgur.com/a/QLS2l5G (remove space to view pics)

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