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Modifying the listing to show what's left up top.  Per-item prices listed, add $5 shipping regardless of order size, or buy the remaining lot for $65 Shipped CONUS.

100% Brand New, Never Used:

- Art of Shaving Sandalwood Cream 5oz ($20)
- Kiss My Face Lavender Shea 11oz ($7)
- Kiss My Face Key Lime 3.4oz Travel Size ($4)


- PAA Cavendish AS ($15) 
- PAA Cavendish Soap 3.5oz ($10)
- PAA Tombstone AS  ($15)


- RR Don Marco Soap ($5)
- RR Don Marco AS Splash ($5)
- PAA Pumpkin 3.14 Soap 8oz (Old Formula, New Label) ($10)
- Lebelle Soaps Tobac Vanille Soap 4oz ($10)


- Shea Moisture Tea Tree AS / Bump Preventer ($4)

*SOLD* Fine Platinum AS ($10) 
*SOLD* PAA Beach AS ($15)
*SOLD* PAA Beach Soap 3.5oz ($10)
*SOLD* Fine Fresh Vetiver AS ($10)
*SOLD* Derby City Small Batch Shave Tonic AS ($35)
*SOLD* Eversharp Schick "Golden 500" Injector in Original Case with Original Blade Key, Instruction Manual, and 8 or 9 New Made in Germany Injector Blades (Used less than 5 times) ($35)
*SOLD* PAA DOC in Original Box (Used ~15 times) ($25)
*SOLD* And last, but not least, Plisson/L'Occitane Gillette Fusion Razor Handle (hey, it came in the gift set) ($30)

[Image: zIyUsZD.jpg]
All sold!

Missed out on this one! That was some good gear and great prices!
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