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For sale is a Declaration B1 Franklin #06 shaving brush in Unicorn Ivory. Never really thought I would try to part with this, and as crazy as the thought of selling this is, but something else crazy has come up and thought I would try selling. The closest comparison I could find to B1 is Rooney 2-band Heritage hair when it started off the gel tip craze. It's not 100% there, but I would estimate it at 80%, just with the benefit of a much larger knot than anything mainstream Rooney released. Rooney 2-band Heritage and more so Rooney Finest are my hallmarks for uniqueness with a slight nod to 3-band heritage, and I would have to say B1 hair. While I usually prefer Rooney, B1 is extremely special in it's own measure too.

I am the second owner of this brush. I forget who I bought it from, and it did not come with its box. 

I'm selling this brush for $850 775. Not looking for trades or willing to go lower thank you.

[Image: 4CDktO1.jpg]
[Image: uZP63qZ.jpg][Image: 6GEAztD.jpg][Image: IQe5z4w.jpg][Image: G65JKzw.jpg]

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Bump for a reminder

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Bump as a reminder. Down to $775 but no lower.

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