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Up for sale are 2 custom Wolfman’s out of a large collection and a Durdan Le Maurice 1.8 SS.

1. Wolfman Premium Mirror Polished WR2 1.15 gap - $650; Brand New, unused. WRH3 handle shortened to 90mm with grip swap to WRH7.

2. Wolfman Basic Matte WR2 1.15 gap - **SOLD**; minimally used excellent condition. WRH2 shortened to 80mm.

3. Atelier Durdan Le Maurice SS blasted 1.8 gap - **SOLD**; minimally used excellent condition.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 01LDo50.jpeg]

[Image: 7R0drHe.jpeg]

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How much did the matte WR2 sell for?
Good question

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