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Hi all, looking to slim down my shaving gear. I'm looking to sell these as a pair - $80 shipped CONUS. I take PayPal.

Photos with time stamp:
  • A Philharmonia 14 I rescaled in cherry red G10. This has a scratch on the etching side that I can't get to show up on a photo. A previous owner did something goofy with honing that created a little wavy pattern on the bezel, but I honed it up fine and it proved a nice shaver. I'm selling on because the blade is longer than I like. It's honed but could definitely use a touch up - it shaves "good" but not "great."
  • A Gold Dollar P81 I rescaled in camel bone. This one needs a little love. It definitely needs to be honed. The spacer on the scales has also gotten a bit loose. It doesn't have much practical affect - it still keeps the blade in place when you fold the razor up - but you might want to glue the spacer into place or hammer the pin a little to keep it from rotating slightly.

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