Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
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WSP Rustic Soaps. These are really large sample tins and have been very lightly used a couple times each.

The Cold River Olivia Colonia Mediterrania has been lathered 4 times.

The Shave Butter is a fantastic product and about at 50% full

The Shave Dr Shave Gel Oil is 95% full

Take everything pictured for only $29 shipped and paypal'd to anywhere is the USA.


[Image: c71aaecf3978e9ed20dd7727cd96d6e8.jpg]

[Image: f79e74b0954d69640c8a375de5c8e133.jpg]

[Image: 0e5409dad57f2c473ba0e4f9e6acb546.jpg]

[Image: 2f007bdb7b94b198822c316f8d443ef3.jpg]

[Image: 9c51c59176c23a7fb1cb0fb04f598faa.jpg]

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