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Thinning the herd a little bit.  

$3 for One Item
$4 for Two Items
Three Items or More and I will pay for shipping

PAYPAL only please

Beaver Woodwright Pilip's Fougere-Used 2X-$17 SOLD
K Shave Worx Word to Ya Mutha-Used 2X-$6 SOLD
[Image: U4cvhsL.jpg]
[Image: rDENivr.jpg]

Myrsol Emulsion-Used handful of times-$10 SOLD
[Image: vc4hbph.jpg]

Crown King Tack Room-Used handful of times-$10
PAA Dapper Doc's-Used handful of times-$15-SOLD
[Image: h5JCZZ7.jpg]
[Image: 1n67lGd.jpg]

Standard Razor (Raw)-$30
Crown King Double Open Comb-$15 SOLD
Merkur 37C Slant-$23-SOLD
Ikon 102 Slant (Head Only)-$20 SOLD
[Image: rloFfjX.jpg]
[Image: t00E6p3.jpg]

Catie's Bubbles Luxury Cream Soap Florentine Fern-Used handful of times-$6 SOLD
Chiseled Face Trade Winds-Used Handful of times-$6 SOLD
Mystic Waters Cuppa Joe-Used 1X-$6-
Crown King Tack Room-Used 2X-$7
[Image: DRzDQcJ.jpg]

The Shaving Shop Acqua di Florida-used 2x-$8 SOLD
The Shaving Shop Freud Blue-Used 1X-$8-SOLD
Shannon's Soap Coconut Lime-used handful of times-$5-SOLD
Route 66 The Black Pearl-Brand New, Never Touched. Only Sniffed!-$14
[Image: 8kpdCgr.jpg]

Meisner Tremonia Strong' N Scottish-used 3X-$13 SOLD
[Image: XYcUcMG.jpg]

Thanks and don't hesitate to ask questions!
That's a great deal for the Standard Razor.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Pm sent

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