i love lamp
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Prices include shipping

**Oleo Seibo set $25** - 2 soaps, 1 AS. (1 soap used 5x, AS used 5x)

**That Darn Rob Soap Grounds n Coffee set $55** (Cost $68 new) 2 soaps, 1 AS, 1 Balm. Used 2x

**Declaration Grooming Contemplation (1 soap and 1 set)** 1 soap for $15, 1 set for $30

**CL/DG Colonia Balsamica set $50** Soap, AS, Salve, EDT used 5x

**Storybook Soapworks Visions & Revisions soap $10**

**Mike's Natural Soaps $18** Pine & Cedarwood (Loose puck), Coconut set (Loose puck, AS used 1x)

**Chatillon Lux $15** 4th and Pine AS/Salve

Offers are welcome.

Trades im looking for are Asian Plum soap/EDT, other Fougeres, Fern AS, Tuesday AS/EDT. Open to whatever so lemme know what you got.

Thanks for looking.

I'm having a hard time resisting some of the stuff you have for sale, but in the meantime please accept my props on having "i love lamp" included in your profile there Happy2

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i love lamp
Bump/Price updates/offers welcome!
Awesome guy and great prices!

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i love lamp
Seibo sold
Colonia Balsamica sold
Contemplations sold
Visions and Revisions sold

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