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I'm continuing to pare down my collection to just a few brushes, once these move I'll have 3 Badger, 1 boar, and 1 synth. A far cry from the 40ish I had at my peak. These are the best of the best and some of the hardest ones for me to let go but c'est la vie. 

Starting out is one of the Mammoth & Dogwood Stones/Restore brushes knotted with Declaration Grooming B11, 28mm. This was one of my favorite B11 knots, asking $200. 

Next up is a custom matte black Dogwood Handcrafts 26mm handle with a Declaration Grooming B6 knot. This knot is fantastic and incredibly soft. Handle is matte black with flecks of glitter, think of it like a matte black unicorn bone handle. $200

28mm Dogwood Handcrafts Hybrid handle with a 28mm B6 knot from Declaration Grooming. This is my favorite B6 knot. $250

Declaration Grooming B6 Washington "Matte Chrun" 24mm brush, punches way above its size and is the best 24mm brush I've ever used, pour is a great one too and knot is excellent. $300

Super rare and incredible Declaration Grooming B1 Franklin 30mm brush in Unicorn Ivory. This is the best B1 knot I've ever used, it's fairly soft but with with nice backbone and lathers like a dream. Franklins are the best Declaration brushes IMO, the epitome of luxury Badger knots. $750

Wald Shaving Nimbus A1 Fan, 28mm synthetic and the best synth I've ever used. Goldvein pour is awesome too, this is brush is incredible. $250

[Image: OQMNWNL.jpg][Image: TeZHN5O.jpg]

Thanks for checking out my post!

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Wish had the dosh for that B1

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The real question is what are the 5 brushes that you are keeping?

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Is the second brush a 26mm or 28mm?
(11-09-2023, 03:13 AM)SgtCrppls Wrote: Is the second brush a 26mm or 28mm?

B11 Mammoth Stones/Restore, B6 Churn, and B1 Franklin are sold
B6 Dogwood Hybrid & Wald A1 are sold

Still have the 26mm Matte Black B6 for anyone who is interested.
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I do agree I love the Franklin handle. Knot is the closest to Rooney 2-band Heritage I ever found. Thought I had seen the Franklin hadn't sold, but I stand corrected looking through thread again.

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