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Hello guys!
I'm selling here my Charcoal Goods Level 3 .
This is a 2nd generation,with a rare Victorian handle and Copper base plate.
I am asking 280 dollars + shipping (I'm located in Europe but shipping to USA wouldn't be a problem)[Image: 07d18155fa3d013fe6ae169ec925be6a.jpg][Image: 184b1572b6645117e648597390cc4bbf.jpg][Image: d3e20ab43f1e824d02fd28da494b20ae.jpg][Image: 04a26a71f2fa92e2564caa8133739dd3.jpg]

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Hi Would you trade the Level 3 for my Generation 3 Razor with 2 plates Level 2 and 3. No need to trade handle as I have the Victorian handle already.

Or I can just purchase your copper baseplate? Or trade it for either my CG Gen 3 head? Let me know 

Sorry,no trades at the moment!
And the 3rd generation is not on my list- it's far away from my expectations (already used the level 3)

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