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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Selling my original Display Bottle of Beaver Woodwrights Captain's Reserve, not made since Shave Revolution closed over a year ago, havent even seen one in pictures in over a year. Used 2x

Also included is the only bottle of scent-matched beard/hair/pre-shave oil ever made. Used 3x

Price is 55$ PayPal G&S (fee already included)

Shipping included, CONUS Tracked

[Image: TNLzSN3.jpg]

[Image: uN9yyUp.jpg]

[Image: xiyXM3m.jpg]

Las Vegas, NV, USA
One of my very favorites. Might be worth mentioning that the labeling on this has a mistake, as it's actually a six-ounce bottle instead of the four ounces that's printed on the label.
Whenever I go to shave, I assume there’s someone else on the planet shaving, so I say “I’m gonna go shave, too.”
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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Oh man, I totally forgot about thstm thanks bud!

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