Thinning the den as pretty much all of this just sits on the shelf collecting dust and isn’t getting used. Most were bought during my FOMO stage, others bought for collection, and it’s time to move them on to other homes

Hardware - prices include shipping CONUS & G&S fee

Timeless aluminum w/ stand & box - $52

[Image: ace6cedbcd27dd8f2c3c06204e784cc3.jpg]

Gillette Fatboy 1960 f-4 w/case - Razor imo is nicer than “user” grade. Dial Clicks perfectly. Flaps have a little play when open but close and align perfectly. Case looks to be in good shape minus the top side hinge where it swivels is broken on the sides - $73

Gillette 1950’s? Super speed user grade w/case - i never got around to polishing it- $31

Gillette 1957 C2 blue tip w/case - case has some scratching on the plastic, but otherwise in good shape - Razor is user grade and in working order, would polish up nicely - $42

CaYuen Workshop Dark Bloom Large bowl & tropical blast/Abalone Handle w/ 24mm badger knot - I want to say “best badger” tip knot but not exactly positive - Will not split - $114

Turn & Shave black & Purple handle w/ 24mm v1 tip knot - $104

Chisel & Hound orange & Blue handle with Maggard 26mm finest fan - $67

Software - add $5 for shipping CONUS - if bundled with hardware or if you buy both sets shipping is free

HoM- kryptonite - soap scooped 1x splash 90%- $31

Noble Otter Neon Sun - brush loaded 1x splash used once - $26

Will discount if someone wants to buy the whole lot

I’m Taking vacation to see my fiancé at the end of the month so anything that is left & sells after October 27th with be shipped November 9th when I get back in the country. Any questions just ask. Thanks!

[Image: 42f90a909a96de03f6389996521790dc.jpg]

[Image: 772f6628e08cc2e45f53b3267da2b599.jpg]
[Image: 23315383c3d823ff73a48b3f37cacdad.jpg]

[Image: 946215f8f45eec3da831801df4a71eb9.jpg]

[Image: 042eff8341e7c1769a99893ebae74a52.jpg]

[Image: d20b01d0deb66ccc2add6291814a823c.jpg]
[Image: 1635f5f6035d7b1919cbb4aeefc0b1ad.jpg]

[Image: 2b77059e882396438499c5a93f2a6fd1.jpg]
[Image: 8e7bba175069782d6acb567233074a19.jpg]
[Image: 9f60e3f0882a2e9df5511078b1ed8cae.jpg]

[Image: d73ad2c6706fe4e0e52142fdfd8056b3.jpg]
[Image: 0401bc9b07a68b70f64a07f477407aa6.jpg]
[Image: 107ae5f03ca34edabe18a12ef6c262bf.jpg]

[Image: a59561ed2dff467ac0bb45eff234c3e8.jpg]
[Image: 232d35fde75ac9f770dc1ba3417677a3.jpg]
[Image: aca52b46992cee50f78be241a1681385.jpg]

[Image: 2f1d85b4ff19402fa58036a928f7f0c2.jpg]
[Image: 2824fd9e1c66bdce932aab606260ea0b.jpg]

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Interested in the Timeless if still available

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