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I have for sale the following brushes. All are new and unused with the exception of the Muhle travel brush which has been used about a dozen times.

1. Simpsons Chubby 3 LE ivory vein, synthetic, $85
2. Simpsons T3, synthetic, $50
3. Simpsons Eagle 3, synthetic, $50
4. Simpsons Trafalgar T2, synthetic, $39
5. Simpsons Duke 3, synthetic, $50
6. Vielong TSN 2019 #20/100 Euro White Badger Brush, $150
7. Simpsons M7 Disco Haze LE, Manchurian Badger, $225
8. Simpsons M6 Horn LE TSN #73/200, Manchurian Badger, $190
9. Simpsons Chubby 2 Sunset Orange LE, Best Badger, $190
10. Simpsons Rover LE, Manchurian Badger, $210
11. Simpsons Colonel X2L Faux Sapphire, Best Badger, $100
12. Muhle badger aluminum travel brush, $30

Shipping is additional and at cost via USPS Priority Mail. All original packaging for each brush is included. Payment is via PayPal. Thank you.


[Image: iHeeFL1.jpeg][Image: QF98qow.jpeg]

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