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Letting go of a few items today.  All have been well cared for.  Let's do conus only on this one.

1) Uomo beehive horn 24mm brush, asking $40 shipped.
2) C-mon replica handle w/ 26mm Epsilon (1st gen Silvertip knot), asking $79 shipped.
3) Rooney Emillion Super Badger, very good shape, all letters perfectly intact, asking $150 shipped. SOLD!!!
4) Simpson Ch2 Best, pretty much new, only used twice, asking $95 shipped. SOLD!!!
5) Paladin Chief 26mm (repainted letters are red, looks nicer Smile, knot code 2cslh4), asking $110 shipped. SOLD!!!

6) Homelike Start .90 stainless safety razor, asking $69 shipped.
7) Yates Precision top cop and two plates, asking $69 shipped. SOLD!!!
8) Homelike Taiga adjustable.  One of the most ingenious razors I've owned, hate letting it go, asking $250 shipped. SOLD!!!
9) Occam's razor w/all 3 plates.  Surprisingly good shaver and quality, asking $49 shipped.

[Image: fl5AgXa.jpg][Image: Z3ofn5u.jpg]

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Solid offerings here for solid prices. Can't speak on everything else but the homelike start .90 is an incredibly smooth razor with a decent level of efficiency. Mid aggressive, comparable to Karve C Plate and Gamechanger .84 but smoother in my experience. GLWTS!

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