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I have the following razor and brush for sale in a combo:

*Ikon SBS with Maggard Handle. Some tool marks under the head but outside is fine.
*Maseto Shaving Brush with 2 band, 30mm knot.

Asking $55 shipped for both. CONUS. [Image: c1bf76d5baad9115eabd0b6cfd8f78d7.jpg][Image: de4b0933d12ab969da2ece8c403f023d.jpg][Image: f32fb11f5598d759ab7592fcc71d3813.jpg][Image: 8a294e96af2e0600b28412d50d3e02d6.jpg][Image: 68699493e289f37f65a7d0633d81778f.jpg]

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I know you have this listed as a combo but would you consider separating items for sale?

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