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Thanks Gentlemen, 
My late wife would often shuffle into my shave den, look at the brush collection on the counter and grumble, “They grow like rabbits.” It is time to trim the collection again. With one exception, the brushes are grouped. Everything is priced to go. Shipping is included in the price, and I will ship them as soon as I can, with the holiday and all. US sales only, please. Thanks.

1. These are lovely synthetic brushes. All three for $50. (SOLD)
[Image: 1fnKfjn.jpg]

2. These are the Supply Injector Co. brushes. Both for $30
[Image: GQW9B8s.jpg]

3. The Omega is a small silvertip, the Simpsons best badger. Both for $35
[Image: nMdTYQi.jpg]

4. This is the Thater special edition two-band silvertip. Dense knot. Solid backbone. Reminds me of a Manchurian knot. A little too much for me. New, the brush is priced at $189. Your price is $75. (SOLD)
[Image: 3Y8iXvV.jpg]

5. $30  (SOLD)
[Image: OsqM2jc.jpg]

6.  $30 (SOLD)
[Image: qoxrq0m.jpg]

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PM for Lot #1. Thanks
I’ll take #4 Thater. PM me for payment info.

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