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I have decided to thin my collection a bit as I’m mainly using newer razors these days. What’s available is some special stuff. If you need anything further, including specific pictures, please hit me up via pm. I will send anything you need.

All pricing includes CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.

Feel free to send reasonable offers. Only item I’m really seeking in trade are B1 Declaration brushes.

All razors have straight teeth, with none missing.

British Gillette RFB 77 Set - $125

[Image: 81cf37b6df0c8e322d2dc4bc81e49983.jpg]

British Gillette FB NEW Service Set - $75

[Image: dd3fb613980a510c8f441faa17f38032.jpg]

British Gillette FB new - $60

[Image: 9edbfb4fcf9043d64feb6905c37fba71.jpg]

American Goodwill set - $25

[Image: 0989bfcf1ce8bfc4b7be4e1b4be1101a.jpg]

NDC Superspeed - $35

[Image: ccfc6b89910d43fb06c4c416b5ce49b2.jpg]

I have LOTS of more pics of all, but don’t want to junk up the thread with too many pics. Please send a pm if you’d like to see any in particular.

Thanks for looking!
Done. Thanks friend.
NDC SS sold
Goodwill SOLD!
Take 10 dollars off EITHER remaining FB new razors.

This is a great deal!

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