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Good afternoon all,

Up for sale is a pair of brand new in the box Martin De Cadre shaving Soaps.  You will be getting both versions (the lavender and fourgere).  I'm going to first try and sell them together to save on shipping cost.  $120 US shipping includes both soaps ($15-$20 of that is shipping and insurance ) I may be a tad bit slow in responding as I'm alittle under the weather.  Conus Shipping at this point.[Image: 76vp800.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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Oh so tempting! But I spent too much this month already.

Fantastic soap, money well spent.
I know me too, that's why these are going...
Aren't these <$60 shipped from the factory with the current 10% discount?
I have not been on the site lately to see the price at $60 shipped. If the prices have dropped, then I can drop mine too, just looking at recovering most if not all my costs and to move them off to make room for more recent purchases. Thanks for the heads up.

$120 shipped but no lower and no trades, unless it's a wolfman!

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New Vegas
$54 and change delivered during their sale and today's rate of exchange.

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