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Good Evening,

I will be selling off most of my shave den in the next couple of months because I have way too much stuff and I’ve found what I like. Payment by PayPal and shipping will be United States only. Prices include shipping. It’s been a long time that I sold anything so if my prices are off please let me know in a private message. Thank you for looking and feel free to reach out to me if you’re looking for something specific. I may have it.

Karve Overlander with stand (Brass): $120  - Used a couple of times and been sitting in the box since. Looks to be developing some patina.

[Image: JKu2QSI.jpeg]

[Image: ZsbCe6G.jpeg]

[Image: UlngnGd.jpeg]

Blackland Era with plates 4 & 5 and stand: $135 Shipped - Used once with plate 5. There is a smudge on the bottom left top cap. Arrived to me like that from Blackland (See 3rd picture)

[Image: DIXQnvH.jpeg]

[Image: cZGbT62.jpeg]

[Image: Cz8K10f.jpeg]

Blackland Osprey with stand: $340 shipped - Used twice

[Image: 0N9qbNr.jpeg]

[Image: 8OfvbAj.jpeg]

[Image: ipYqYxd.jpeg]

[Image: 7nZu6Bz.jpeg]

Declaration Grooming B13 Sonder: $350 shipped - Used around 6 times but it’s been over a year since the last use. Just been sitting in its box. **Sold for $325**

[Image: NaLYzgq.jpeg]

[Image: B34TDy8.jpeg]

[Image: CG1bs5s.jpeg]

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