DFS Movember Lot #2 is now live!! Read more here!!

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I have a lot of brushes for sale.
Shipping in the US is a flat $5.  International to pay exact shipping.

[Image: 3YcKysd.jpg]
30mm brushes - all made by Milton Brushes - $35 each
blue and white
green and purple

[Image: ix4VueM.jpg]
28mm brushes
Envy Shave - $40 SOLD!
Milton Brushes - $35

[Image: kelHgS9.jpg]
26mm brushes
Wild West green - $30
That Darn Rob - $35
Wild West purple - $30
Honey Farm - $25 SOLD!
Paladin PK-47 knot code 2CLND3 - $110 SOLD!

[Image: Dl2VdRY.jpg]
24mm brushes
Paragon brush - $25 SOLD!
Rick Montalvo - $30

[Image: ufd8ZB3.jpg]
AOS - $5
Holy Black - $15

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Sorry i do not have enough post to PM but i am interested in the Paladin if not already sold
come and get em!

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