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DORKO #854 - VINTAGE - NOS! STRAIGHT RAZOR "TRY ME SIR" 7/8" - SOLINGEN GERMANY. I am original owner and purchased it NOS used it 2x. I paid $495 selling Price $325.

Blade: width 7/8",full hollow ground 1/1, round point, high-quality German carbon steel. NOS. Used 2X
This unique exemplar of straight razor by Dorko «TRY ME SIR» was produced in 1950-1960. This straight razor was produced in the best German traditions of straight razor manufacturing. The blade is made of high-quality German carbon steel. Straight razors by Dorko company with such shape of the tang, design and in this condition can be hardly found on offer nowadays. It purchased absolutely new,
The company DORKO was established in 1920 by Friedrich Dorten whose name is immortalized in the first part of its name. DORKO supplies the quality that everyone expects from all blades and cutlery produced in Solingen, the famous German city also known as "City of Blades". It is special right given to company to put the Solingen mark on its produce: only straight razors all manufacturing steps of which were processed in Solingen city can have it.
Production of straight razors by DORKO was stopped in 80-th, therefore these are rare goods nowadays.
Therefore, if you see an old razor DORKO with “Solingen” mark you can be sure its original high quality thing, and, who knows, may be the next brilliant in your collection. FREE shipping Conus International available[Image: 262b66bff89972fa9fc1d74b16e94b92.jpg][Image: a5e225e3fb62e1e49fb0682d078eed3a.jpg][Image: 444fd850bed324bfcea5477f3552f2fa.jpg][Image: d2a7ce36b1a3dcf4cd8356fb3b7c67a4.jpg][Image: 32632af176ebadaf6d7637fcdf0fb2e6.jpg][Image: 16ec5a12eaacccd2636567164eb9ef02.jpg][Image: 1e9c69c56542c68de210347a7751eb11.jpg][Image: 7f0c98d8edec532b816f79ccd0d509e9.jpg]

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Wow that razor is nice.
Thanks so much and it shaves great
(09-19-2018, 01:49 AM)Gabe Wrote: Wow that razor is nice.

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Heart beautiful!

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"He who hasn't faced adversity doesn't know his true strength. "
Part of the Trinity of Holy Grail razors. Beautiful razor, GLWTS!

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