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I have for sale the following B&M products:

1. Sandalwood shave soap and matching A/S, used 3 times, $37
2. Fougere Classic shave soap and matching A/S, new/unused, $45
3. Reserve Fern shave soap and matching A/S, used 3x, $40
4. Baudelaire for WCS shave soap and matching A/S, about 80% remaining, $25
5. Seville EDT boxed, new/unused, $35
6. Seville EDT unboxed, original issue, new/unused, $35
7. Limon EDC splash, used once, $30

Shipping is additional and at cost via USPS Priority Mail only. Payment is via PayPal. No requests to break up matching soap/AS please. Thanks you for considering.

[Image: jVhD50F.jpeg]
PM sent re: Nordost.  It’s not showing it was sent.  Please let me know if you didn’t get it. Thanks.

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