Hi, folks:

I am cleaning out the den, and have finally decided to part with my Roam Shave Soap (From Will's first run) and Kyovu Splash.  While I love the scent, the lady of the house does not, so it was kept mostly to use when she wasn't home, or just to periodically smell.  The soap was used maybe 4 times and the Kyovu Likewise. I also have the Tonique splash for Roam, which I may be talked into parting with.  I posted the sale on ebay as I didn't want people to worry about payment issues and fraud. That way your purchase is guaranteed.  It also offers me a sense of security with the sale.  I am attaching pics.  The bidding is $35 to start with a buy it now option with $65.

(photos at the listing) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barrister-and-Ma...SwR5dXSQu0

Thanks for your time gents.

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