Another hardware sale, as I'm looking to consolidate to a smaller rotation that I use frequently. 

1. Barbaros TR-2 ($240) - This came from a limited release of ~50 that were a collaboration between Bullgoose Shaving and a Turkish Artisan. The polishing is some of the best I've seen, and the shave itself is very mild and smooth despite a more menacing looking gap. The "twisted" 85mm handle is fairly unique, but very ergonomic and grippy in practice. At 123 grams, this is not light, but can help maintain your shaving angle. This was purchased second hand, and does exhibit microscratches on the finish.

Price includes CONUS shipping. As always, please pm with any questions, and thanks for your time!

[Image: pwZnU5n.jpg]

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[Image: fC2EEve.jpg]

[Image: juA5vg8.jpg]

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