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Completely forgot I had this razor tucked away in a drawer. This was the updated version that shaves well. I just haven’t used it in about a year! No box. Like new.

This appears to be lightly polished but I don’t recall how they were described when initially offered by Bullgoose. I think this was considered the unpolished version of the razor. They did offer some polished.

I am asking $200 shipped for this.

[Image: GYensfz.jpg][Image: mCsnoLm.jpg][Image: MZZRMoE.jpg]

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In your opinion how does it shave ? Mild , medium or aggressive?

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It’s a mild but efficient shaver. There are some reviews online if you look up McMurphy 17-4. I had to do the same thing to remember what Phil called this one.

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Still available

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