Des Moines, IA
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Price decreased to $60.  Please give this razor a new home.

This beautiful Muhle razor just doesn't get that much use though I love the birch handle.
And I've GOT to reduce my stuff.  I'm getting too old to have so much.

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]New $125.  I'm listing this one at a third less - only $83.50.  PayPal or Venmo. US50.  Thanks[/font]

  [Image: K58vMfT.jpg][Image: Bot2eHq.jpg][Image: stxEt2D.jpg][Image: wDZ2Q1J.jpg][Image: VqUYTiZ.jpg]

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Des Moines, IA
BUMP w lowered price

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Is this the v4 one?
- Jeff

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