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Several splashes for sale that aren't getting any use.  Prices include PP fees and shipping is a flat $10.  Each AS is only $5 but, in order to get rid of as many as possible and reduce the number of trips to the post office, there is a minimum purchase of 3 AS

Please see pix for levels.  For bottles that don't show levels:

Tallow + Steel / Southern Witchcrafts / Zingari - used 1 or 2 times
Zaharoff - used less than 5 times
MacDuff's Winter Cabin - approximately 80%
Fine L'Orange Noir - New or only used once (can't remember)

I'm willing to trade as well but am really only looking for a Karve Overlander stand or Chatillon Lux splashes/toners/EDTs (any scent)

1.  Zingari Gent
2.  Gentleman's Nod - Signature
3.  Southern Witchcrafts - Labyrinth
4.  Murphy & McNeil - Nantahala
5.  Fine L'Orange Noir
6.  PAA High Jump 47
7.  B&M Vespers
8.  B&M 42
9.  MacDuff's Winter Cabin
10.  Tallow + Steel West Indies
11.  Chiseled Face Groomatorium Cryogen
12.  Stirling Bay Rum

[Image: 7LHM79n.jpg]

[Image: Yr16Y5w.jpg]

[Image: wmmkLyg.jpg]

[Image: a1KOZK0.jpg]

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