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Hello everyone
I created these two brushes about a year ago for my private collection but now I have decided to SELL them, they have never been used.

Can be sold with or without knot.
Both brushes are made with aerospace grade Magnesium and with F16 aircraft paint that contains aluminum particles in the components.

I’m selling each handle for the price of 280€ + shipping from Portugal 

Stay safe 

[Image: IMG-5250.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5247.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5248.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5249.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5251.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5253.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5257.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5260.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5258.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5259.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5261.jpg]
[Image: IMG-5262.jpg]

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Very cool. What is the weight like on these?

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Hello, thanks for your reply 

First handle 

Second handle 

Best regards 
What a diametr of knott?

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Both handles are prepared for 26mm knot

Second brush is sold.

Cool handles Perdo, real labor of love and creativity. I know I want one yet must resist else will be back in the doghouse.

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Thanks my friend
Both handles sold

Thank you so much ??

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