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I have a few assorted items up for sale if any of y'all are interested. Prices include CONUS shipping. Please PM with any questions and thanks for looking!

Schick G5 injector, small area of plating loss shown in pic, doesn't affect the shave. 2 Schick blades w/ key included - $13 SOLD
[Image: NHJAH2k.jpg]
[Image: qGyijN9.jpg]

Vanta RA111 full DE blade shavette, barely used - $15 SOLD
[Image: uxPRZY0.jpg]

Zenith 507A XSE 27mm unbleached boar, pretty much broken in, great condition - $18
[Image: Raqgfk3.jpg]

Barrister and Mann Nordost Eau de Cologne splash 7.5 oz, used 2x - $30
[Image: szrZLpG.jpg]

Southern Witchcrafts Carpathia EdP, level shown - $16
[Image: 0aa4A1x.jpg]

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