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The brushes continue to grow like rabbits in the shave den.Time to put the collection on a diet. All the brushes offered here are sweet. The price includes U.S. shipping. PayPal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

I don’t know the model number for this Savile Row. It is a lovely brush with a 22mm knot and a 52mm loft. The tips are soft. New, the brush cost $126, or thereabouts. Your price is $65.  $50 (SOLD)
[Image: p54KDCJ.jpg]

The Savile Row 3520 is a little bundle of joy. If you like small brushes, you will love this one. The knot is 20mm and the loft 48mm. The tips are lovely. New, the brush cost around $110. Your price is $50.  $40 (SOLD)
[Image: vVTugQU.jpg]

This is the Omega silvertip, I think model number 636. The knot is 21mm and the loft 51mm. It is a sweet little brush, especially well suited for creams. New, the brush cost around $65. Your price $40
[Image: 2RahpYY.jpg]

If you face lather and fancy a little scrubber, then the Simpsons Colonel X2L I best badger is your brush. Here a 21mm knot is paired with a 48mm loft. Good backbone, fairly dense knot, comfortable handle. I think this is a fine little brush. New if I recall, the brush cost around $75. Your price is $40.  $30
[Image: nUGgqSj.jpg]

This is the Simpsons Emperor 3 in super badger. The 20mm knot is set to a 48mm loft. The backbone is modest, and the knot splays nicely with a hint of scritch. I love the handle on this brush. New, the brush around $155. Your price is $75.  $50. (SOLD)
[Image: 2nc81Ra.jpg]

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I have reduced the price on the brushes. Bargain prices.
Gentlemen, The Emperor is sold. The brushes are still a an available at bargain prices.
The Emperor and the first Savile Row are sold.

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