Selling rocnel sailor 2021
Mint condition
$490 conus only
Paying for goods please add the PayPal fees.

Thanks [Image: 6d2fda46c929849646e460f69a1ed757.jpg]
[Image: d6b037ab78c58e78b45158506a2b1de5.jpg]
[Image: 5f7ec3696b6270044c5a01c90723940d.jpg]
[Image: b0479a1b70ae81c78458b8e9cda58830.jpg]
[Image: cff5d8a91e8fe84ddc6b5dc8e33936c1.jpg]
[Image: 346cd49d9453a0d754a2c3412744b1cd.jpg]

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Good deal on a excellent razor..

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