firstly, i know this is an irritatingly specific trade, lol.

[Image: v6RkjzkUzeAJ8-9XAsZzu-RD1PCFi9eFDPQ2Mn0C...4-h1768-no]

on the off chance anyone has a disco 2xl in 2 band that they'd be willing to trade out for my brush, i'd love to make that trade. disco handles are kinda my thing, and i'd love to have a 2xl in my handle of choice.

there are more pics of the brush here:


the thing is ruthlessly dense and not even a whisper of scritch. great little brush, the knot measure 28.52mm x 52.47mm per my calipers. this is trade only, as the only way i'd rid myself of this brush is by getting the brush i really want. thanks, everyone!

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