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Hello Friends- I’m looking to replace my custom Vanilla Safi bowl. So the short story is when these limited edition shaving bowls were created and released there were only 18 of them made and they all were pre- sold. I of course kept one for myself. Well shortly after shipping them to all my customers one of them reached out to me to tell me that sadly he dropped his on a marble floor and the resin bowl cracked in a few places. I felt bad for him so I sent him mine. Well years later a friend and fellow wet shaver some may know ShaveMD Mark sadly passed away and his son in law sent me Marks bowl that he got from me at the time of the release. So I was very happy to have it back in my den. Well that changed with the house fire and it’s totally destroyed. So I taking a chance I may get lucky once more as I’d like to get one back in my den. So if anyone who has one and is interested in selling theirs or knows of one for sale please message me. I lost all my other Shaving soaps, Bowls and brushes in the fire and I was certainly attracted to some of them but this one is very special to me. 

Thank you. 

[Image: 0rhRA4e.jpeg]

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Unbelievable but I just got a message from a member who’s sending me his. I’m very happy and grateful to this gentleman and the community.

Thank you kindly


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