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2 of the jars we have purchased have broken in transit.  Can anybody please help us?  Not looking for the soap, just the containers BUT will purchase the soap if that closes the deal.  We try to colour code in accordance with coat colours so especially interested in Black, Blue and Red jars but will take any available.

[Image: yYuPT3a.jpg]

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Man I've got to tell you I cannot see Nuavias and any ceramic shaving bowl the way I did after reading your threads. There are so many ceramics, does it have to be this...

I could not have these in my bedroom, next to my bed(!!!), under no circumstances.

I have goosebumps on my goosebumps, that's creepy af.

I hope you find what you're looking for though, if that makes you happy.

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Who are we to judge what the Op wants? Good luck in your search, Dan. I wish I had one for you.

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Well said primotenore . Best of luck on your search DanLaw , I wish I had one for you also! Thank you for all you do four our four legged friends!

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Dan: I think the Nuavia ceramic container is cool AF for a dog ash urn.  You have a passion for shaving and a love for your pooches.  The 4 different colours of the Nuavia containers also add some style for use as an urn.  Even more cool is that you put the dog’s tag in along with the ashes! Do YOUR thing dude! Wish I had an extra for you.

I had 1 dog growing up, his name was Sinjin, rescued him at the no kill as a puppy. Turned out to be an Ibizan hound.  My brother and I got involved in lure coursing with him, he was a rocket.  I had him for 13 of my 18 years at that time.  My parents let me stay home from school for 2 weeks after he was gone. I loved that dog, never had one after. 

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Dan , I have a Nuavia green used once , the soap is still new

Send me a PM if you're interested and we can make a deal

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Guys still looking!!

Posting Freak
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Still seeking 4

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