Looking to buy a Saiver 2.0, I'm in CONUS, but willing to buy from overseas if shipping is reasonable. Thanks! (Not sure if I needed a pic for WTB but added one of what I'm looking for)

[Image: YALqOta.jpg]

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Check ebay. They may still sell these as russian military razors from a vendor out of Belarus. I know for sure you can still find the earlier dual safety guard versions that take double DE blades.

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I've set up alerts on ebay. I've come across those vintage ones you mentioned from a UK seller, I'd like the dual comb version, but if I cant find one I suppose I'll go with the safety bar version. Cheers

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You can try here.


You'd probably want to contact them first to find out if they are actually out of stock or it is a sanctions related issue.

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Unless it is not allowed then please delete but here is the Belarus seller on ebay. These are the modern versions of the Saiver without the open comb.


He sells them in lots of 3, Price works out to about $10 USD a razor with shipping factored in.

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Cheers, I've seen both of those, the Voshkod eu site is out of stock. I'm wanting the dual comb version, I messaged the Belarus guy but he never replied, and the UK seller only has the vintage safety bar versions. I'll probably end up pulling the trigger on one of the UK listings if I can't find the dual comb eventually

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