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Bellingham, Washington USA
Hey Guys,

I happen to have a few razor heads sitting on the shelf that don't have handles.

I'm looking to pickup a few high-quality Stainless or Titanium handles... preferably in the 85mm to 90mm range, but might be willing to try others too (like a Timeless Pineapple)

I'm happy to purchase outright or even trade a brush handle from my Etsy Shop


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Gatineau, QC, Canada
I have New Tibam Ti if interested.

Alan H

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I just snapped this pic.  From top to bottom:
--85mm "Falcon" by Stork; polished SS

--92mm polished SS from Blackland Vector

--90mm "Sample 12" by TiBam; never been used, polished Ti

[Image: IMG-0040.jpg]

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