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I am Nam Woojin who is enjoying shaving in Korea.
I bought a row shaving stand and a razor,
I don't have a brush, so I leave a message like this.
It doesn't matter if you don't have a knot.
If there is a seller, please let me know your status and amount in PayPal and I will send you PM right away!
It would be nice if you could send the shipment to Korea right away, but if not, you can send the product to the United States.
I will use a service that will replace shipping to Korea if I ship in the U.S. I'll pay for the service.

[Image: cZI1Ads.png]

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good luck in your search friend and happy shaving

Living on the edge
If you like this kind of design contact Steve Tinter at Alpha Shaving.
He sells something very similar....with two attachments...24mm and 26mm
if Im not mistaken.

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Wish RS wakes up from the dead and start producing it's razors n brushes some day...

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